Local History

Our local chapter (Mu Eta) has had an interesting and storied past here at Drexel University. Founded in 1947, our chapter grew quickly to become one of the largest fraternities on campus. For many years we resided at a house on 34th and Powelton Avenue next to Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE), with reports of a rivalry between the two fraternities due to our close proximity. Our chapter was strong, focused, and disciplined.

However, not all good things are meant to last and in 1998 we were removed from┬ácampus due to a series of events culminating in safety violations at a party which solidified our chapter’s ban. We were not the only ones to go, as the late 1990’s saw almost every fraternity on Drexel’s campus banned due to extremely stringent rule enforcement. This ban would last slightly over ten years, during which time no Sigma Alpha Mu chapter activities were held at Drexel.

In 2009, our chapter was refounded on Drexel’s campus. Beat to the punch by a year, our previous house was split between Phi Mu and Phi Sigma Sigma. Over the next 5 years, the chapter slowly regained it’s footing and relearned lost knowledge and wisdom dealing with how to run a fraternity. Built nearly from scratch, our chapter now enjoys an extremely strong brotherhood. With plans for growth and hard work, this coming 2018 – 2019 year will surely be one that will go down in the history books!

National History

Our national fraternity tells a story of ethics, scholarship and the idealisms of brotherhood. Traditionally a Jewish fraternity, in the past the fraternity has been responsible for the investigation of Jewish persecution, helping stop it in it’s tracks. The full history is too long to convey on this page, but we encourage you to read about it here. We are proud of where we’ve come from, and we hope to live up to the path laid behind us.